We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best outcome possible for our patients. Our investment in advanced technology means a long-term investment in your future. State-of-the-art technology invites informed decision-making and enables patients to make wise choices concerning their oral health. Dr. Edgar offers the latest dental technology for your benefit. This includes:

Cone Beam 3-D CT Imaging
The Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a dental-specific x-ray machine that gives a very accurate 3D image of the tooth and area in question. This technology is the most advanced dental imaging possible and is unsurpassed in diagnostic potential. The CBCT used at our office is different than medical CT imaging in that it delivers no more radiation than x-rays used by your general dentist. Dr. Edgar uses this technology when needed for diagnosis and during treatment to increase precision to a level that has not been possible before now. Specifically, the advantages include: three dimensional renditions; geometrically accurate images; increased sensitivity and specificity for cavities, periodontal and periapical lesions; patient comfort – no intra-oral placement of film or sensor; and soft tissue renditions.

Dr. Edgar uses surgical operating microscopes for all endodontic procedures. The use of the surgical microscope allows Dr. Edgar to perform treatment with greater accuracy because the treatment area is magnified and illuminated, aiding Dr. Edgar in seeing tiny details inside your tooth. Microscopes have been shown to improve outcomes in all endodontic procedures.

Digital X-Rays
This form of computerized radiography uses a standard dental x-ray generator as its radiation source. An intra-oral sensor that is placed in the mouth collects the image. The color capabilities show our patients more meaningful pictures than the standard format. The “zoom” capabilities allow our patients to view localized areas for a better understanding of their diagnosis. Digital radiography reduces radiation exposure 80 – 90% compared to traditional film-based radiography. This technology not only benefits you by exposing you to less radiation but also streamlines our communication with your general dentist. We can easily share images on a computer screen with patients and referring dentists allowing a thorough explanation of problems and treatment procedures. Appointments are expedited — faster image processing leads to less time that you must spend waiting in the dental chair. Digital x-rays allow us to communicate quickly and clearly with referring dentists as the images are readily available and easily transferred. And, this technology is friendly to the environment since chemicals are not used to process the images.

Rotary Instrumentation
Several years ago, nickel titanium rotary instruments were introduced to the profession and revolutionized endodontic care. These now ubiquitous tools enhance the mechanical enlargement and debridement of the canal

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