Dr. Scott Edgar’s path to becoming an endodontic specialist began as a child when he had four root canals himself following a skateboarding accident. He felt fortunate that experts were available to help him save his teeth, and this provided motivation toward an eight year career as a general dentist. He chose to specialize in endodontics after realizing his passion is saving teeth and relieving pain. Dr. Edgar’s approach to care includes getting to know patients needs and concerns, thorough diagnostic examination, followed by educating patients about his findings so they understand their individual condition, and what treatment options are available that best fit their individual needs. He has a philosophy of care focused on providing treatment that is in the best interest of the patient and improves quality of life. He and our staff adhere to the philosophy of “treating others the way I would want to be treated.” Our highly experienced staff works diligently to make sure you receive exceptional care from the first time you call to the moment you visit our office through treatment and post-treatment care. We pride ourselves on scheduling patients for appointments so you receive care in a timely manner, especially when experiencing pain. We also strive to communicate with you clearly so you are comfortable and know what to expect when you visit our offices for treatment.

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